• Keni Thacker

New piece by brother Derek aka Big Bro.

Advertising as an industry is really simple. We've mucked it up with practices, procedures and programs in an attempt to make it appear more complex. The idea being that in all the goobledygook clients would feel like they were getting their money's worth - that the complexity would be perceived as value. What a load of crap. Being simple is not being easy or cheap. Simple is freaking hard. Advertising takes a brand's product or service, and explains it in a way that relates to human beings on a personal level. Simple. Not easy. How we do this isn't complicated. We study, watch, listen and observe people. We look at how they interact with the world, other people and brands. Easy. But here's where it gets tricky, we take all those observations, and shape them into an insight that connects back to people in a way that will make them fell good or favorable towards our client and their product or service. Not easy but it is simple. This was not enough for some clients. They demanded more - guarantees of results. They wanted to know the making of the advertising was worth it. They needed more "value" for what they were paying. So, what did we in advertising do? We made it appear complicated. What a mistake. We should've sold the value of advertising being simple. Not easy.


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